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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Lic. No. 22196


~ Individual Psychotherapy
~ Couples Counseling
~ Group Therapy & Support Groups
~ Women’s Circles & Ceremonies
~ Thematic Workshops

Since 1985 I have acquired extensive experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in a rewarding private practice and other professional endeavors. I have great appreciation for the opportunity to participate in meaningful work with individuals, couples and weekly support groups. I continue to marvel at each client’s unique journey that I am privileged to witness.

I co-lead an ongoing Wednesday Night Support Group for women and men. This group provides an opportunity for personal exploration for individuals who seek to grow beyond where they have been before. In this setting, participants share what is pertinent to them about their lives, give and receive feedback and reflections, and engage in interpersonal exchange that fuels awareness, develops skills for intimacy, and supports change.

I enjoy creating and presenting workshops on topics such as Co-Dependency, Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families, Being a Woman, PMS, Menopausal Years, Women’s Gatherings, Nature as Teacher, and Honoring the Seasons of Your Life.

. . . discover clarity in confusion.
. . . learn cognitive skills that will enhance emotional well-being
. . . build strength and courage to face the fears that limit us
. . . employ skills to work through conflict and increase intimacy
. . . integrate the layers of change that loss creates in our lives
. . . nurture an empowered self to bring forth new possibilities
. . . align with your spiritual self by nurturing your nature
. . . commit to the life you truly want to live
. . . create change!

Mary Franz, MA, LMFT
Laguna Women's Wisdom Counseling

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