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Underlying philosophies that inspire our work together.

Self-awareness is the beginning of change.
When we are open to awareness about ourselves, we can then make conscious choices as to how to respond vs. react, and thus create profound change in our lives.

I will help you increase your awareness of self in the many facets of your life. With curious intention, we will observe behavior, thoughts and feelings which will inform your subsequent increasingly conscious and empowered choices.

Unhealed emotional wounds diminish life force energy & quality of life.
These wounds cause behavioral patterns that are reactive rather than proactive, cloud our ability to clearly view ourselves and the world, and inhibit intimacy. Depression, anxiety, illness, recurring relationship challenges, and a sense of living an 'unfulfilled life' are symptoms that indicate such woundedness.

I will work with you to explore the source of your emotional dis-ease, and identify the consequences to your life. Our job will then be to create a healing strategy that is responsive to your needs. Along the way, I will support and guide you as you navigate your emotional world and engage in deep healing processes.

We create our reality based on what we believe.

This is a very powerful concept! It is possible to experience life as more harmonious and honoring of your unique self.

I can help you uncover the embedded faulty beliefs that weave throughout our thought processes. Much like a virus in a computer, these faulty beliefs are invasive, insidious and destructive in the unexamined “rules” and negative self-talk that they would have us live by. I will teach you cognitive skills to re-examine and “challenge” those negative beliefs which will allow you to cultivate your life based on a more solid, positive premise.
The only sure thing in life is change.

Sometimes this is good news, sometimes this is bad news! Either way, a sense of well-being in life requires that we learn to adapt to change and to grieve our losses.

Many people recall losing their innocence. We all experience loss of relationships through death, divorce, or separation. We may lose our sense of self through overinvestment in something outside ourselves. Aging presents loss of youth, body image, health, unfulfilled dreams, and death. We lose roles in our family, workplace and community. Along the way, we may find we have lost our hopes and dreams.

Your grief process may be relatively simple or complex. While loss is inevitable, we do have options on how we will deal with it. The willingness and ability to grieve can only help us through these life challenges. Allowing ourselves to grieve life’s losses is necessary in order to be more fully open to the new beginnings that lie ahead.

I will assist you through your grieving process which in your own time may involve accepting and experiencing the reality of the loss, experiencing the reality of the loss, adjusting to the changes resulting from the loss, and integrating the loss as a significant part of your life experience.
The spiral journey of life takes us though many cycles and seasons.

Life presents times of endings and beginnings, changes that are both sought and unforeseen. We are never in “exactly the same place” we once were (though it can certainly feel like it!). We come around to similar life patterns and challenges which present opportunities for deeper healing, new growth, and greater awareness.

I will help you attune to your unique spiral journey by sharing my observations and ideas, and partnering with you as you experiment to find your way to create the qualities and direction that you wish to see in your life.
Honoring the passages in our lives provides a context & bestows grace.

For example, Menopausal Women step into a deepening phase of womanhood as their body changes signify that they are entering into their wisdom years. The transition into the second half of life is a profound passage that is largely ignored within our youth oriented, anti-aging culture. Women are often surprised to find themselves unsettled within their being as they cross this threshold. Most women do not anticipate or understand these changes, and they likely lack role models and guidance to help them through.

As a woman who is sensitive and attuned to these concerns, I can help you discover, explore, acclimate and maybe even thrive on this new ground of your life! There are more losses to grieve, more changes to anticipate and prepare for, and new possibilities to embrace. I will serve to illuminate your way. I envision women’s councils to gather support and inspire each other in our life’s season.
We have our answers inside of us!

Indeed, no one else knows what is best for you. So while I don’t know your answers and won’t tell you what to do, I can help you learn to listen to and honor your inner knowing.

As I track the themes of your stories, we will deepen the understanding of the core issues and their meaning to your life. Together we will evaluate the obstacles to acting on what you know, and prepare for the next indicated steps that you choose to make in the creation of the life you want to live.


Mary Franz, MA, LMFT
Laguna Women's Wisdom Counseling

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